Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tinker Bell Sheets for a Queen-Size Bed

Birthday Tiara

Sadly, I'm not kidding. I own Tinker Bell underpants. UNDERPANTS, people! I never had character underwear as a child, but now fairies dance across my bum. ;) Why would a 31 year old semi-adult have fairies on her underpants, you ask? Excellent question....

My family went to Disney World several times when my siblings and I were children and I can still clearly remember standing slumped against my Mom or Dad, sleepily watching the fireworks explode over Cinderella's castle, but my favorite part was always watching Tinker Bell zip across the sky, movie magic come to life.

Everyone needs a little magic in their lives, children and adults alike, the trick is to find it. As a small child with an overactive imagination, I found mine in my mother's garden.


She would find me sitting, oh so still, hoping to catch a glimpse of fluttering fairy wings, inspecting the underside of flower petals for pixie dust. I actually believed that if I said that fairies weren't real, my disbelief would cause them to collapse mid-flight (and I still refuse to say it just in case).

Like any typical child of the 80's, I had a rather large collection of Disney animated movies, all the classic fairy tales to watch over and over. (and over and over and over) My favorites were the ones with fairies, Cinderella and Peter Pan. It was Tinker Bell, though that really spoke to me. Unlike most Disney characters, Tink wasn't exactly sweetness and light. She's angry and jealous. She makes mistakes, big ones.

My Tinker Bell collection didn't start until my late 20's when in the midst of a particularly heinous breakup, sassy fairies in tiny green outfits made me feel better. Connections with childhood magic often do...a couple of T-shirts, a throw blanket, fuzzy slippers emblazoned with her face, photo albums, a Halloween costume, and a birthday tiara all symbolized the slimmer, stronger me. The me who expressed her feelings, who stood up to be counted and not just counted on, she took Tinker Bell as a talisman, a fairy who made mistakes and learned from them. We both wanted to be better in the end.

What can I say? Tinker Bell inspired me to believe in magic as a child and continues to inspire me to believe in the magic of possibilities as an adult. She exists for every little girl out there who's just waiting for her chance to allow her good and positive thoughts to take her beyond her dreams and dreams of what might just be beyond her ability to see.

This is a sponsored post in honor of the new release of Disney's "Tinker Bell" movie. I'm a fan, so I was happy to help out. ;)

You can find info on the movie here and buy either the DVD here or the Bluray here.


The Mater said...

Lovely post. I can hear tiny bells ringing ... we all need a bit of Tink in our lives. Thanks!

little prince's mummy said...

Wow!~ I love your photos~`

Daisy said...

Tinkerbell is a feisty one, that's for sure!

adnan said...

a nice post. creative&fun. keep in writing. nice to know you, sweet girl...:)